King Kong Espresso

Earthly grounded and roasted from the soil of Majestic Congo. King Congo, invites us back on an ancestral path to our roots. A sip of remembrance to the sound of our heart-beat.

The Roar of honour, recognition, leadership and gentleness. Our fellow here, reminds us to raise our heads as we walk through life and recognise the nobility ‘within us.’

He wishes us, to embrace the strong-like, Robusta Congolese nature, as we power through a doppio. Sometimes, a taste of remembrance, is all we need to kick start the day! But it can’t quite be, without the remembrance of our ancestral home, Ethiopia.

The blend of Robusta and Arabica will have you ‘seize the day’ with its regal taste of authenticity. Floral, spicy and fruity.

Oh…what a combination of origins could we be?


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